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A spin-off from my earlier blog, Leaving Cleveland, this travel blog offers a detailed account of my experiences cleaving my way across the country as a writer. Readers can expect me to stay in different cities for three months at a time, with each destination determined by the traveling nurse assignment taken on by my fiancee, who I am accompanying in these travels. Amongst these posts, you will find photo documentation of beautiful and extraordinary things, stories and poems about what it means to leave behind everything you know, recommendations for events, restaurants, and points of interest, and useful tips for my fellow travelers. I will announce my next destination at the end of each travel assignment on social media, so be sure to follow Cleaving Leaveland on Facebook and Instagram. Thank you for keeping up with me!

Are you currently Cleaving your own Leaveland? Whether you’re traveling to a new destination or just tackling adulthood, I’d love to hear your story! Email it to CleavingLeaveland@gmail.com and you might just find it posted on the blog.