The Best Open Mic in Nashville

Open Mic Cafe Coco Nashville
Iszy and the Pockets

You wouldn’t know it by their website, but Café Coco is the place to go if you only have one night to see some live music in Nashville. The café is open 24 hours a day, and they serve food and drinks every minute of it. What a perk!

Why go to Café Coco for music? Two words: Open Mic. The open mic at this place is actually pretty famous as a Nashville venue for live music, attracting a diverse and eclectic group of musicians, and I didn’t have to do any online research to find this out. Amongst the performers I saw that night, there was a Brazilian man spending his first night in the United States, a local Indie-genre band singing about Greek myths and video games, a touring artist from California, an electric guitarist who had his face painted like a member of Kiss, and rastaman Jo’shua Odine (a personal favorite).

The food and drinks here are also pretty good, though I only sampled a small amount. It’s mostly homemade soups and sandwiches, teas and coffees, but the prices are wonderfully cheap. There a ton of choices for the coffee, but beware that the flavored lattes are very sweet. I had the vegan chili which was yum yum for those who don’t mind spiciness.

One last thing to love is the outdoor seating with its funky decorations and christmas lighting. The fact that it’s open 24-hours makes this café a charming go-to for any fellow freelancers looking to do work outside of the home.


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