Seattle Pie Bar

I haven’t really done any foodie posts for Seattle yet, so I think I’ll start with my favorite place here – Pie Bar. It has two locations, one in Fremont and one in Capitol Hill, about six blocks from my apartment.

Let meĀ first say thatĀ there is nothing quite better than living right next to a 24 hour comfort food resource. In Manhattan, I lived next to a 24-hour McDonalds with a WALK-UP window – useless by day, but so convenient after a night of drinking. My body has still never fully recovered from that summer. Then, in Burlington, I lived next to a school bus that made really good $3 burgers and vinegar fries. Now, I live next to a Pie Bar that stays open until 2am and ALSO has a walk-up window. Pie. Bar. Pie and Spirits. Oh yes.

And this pie isn’t just your average pie. Pie Bar has won awards for its pies, both savory and sweet. I’ve gotten the strawberry rhubarb pie, cherry rhubarb crumble, empanada pie, steak and potato pie, and then I had to stop eating at Pie Bar so often because I have a bridesmaid dress to fit into in December

The menu is pretty extensive and alternates daily. You can pair your pie with ice cream or a beer/cider/wine/liquor choice, or both! And the people at the walk-up window are really cool. No seriously, they are ALWAYS excited to be serving you pie. The later, the better. They are so stoked to fill your belly with this warm delicious delight and they want you to know it. Needless to say, I’ve made a few friends.

One last thing – Seattle has more pie places than just the Pie Bar. I like the Pie Bar because it’s close and convenient and delicious, but there’s pie all over this city and I’m sure it’s all quite good. At least good enough to take my mind off my endless crave for tamales… for now.